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Sections of England: Sea Horizons 1976-77
Sections of England: Frozen Water 1976-77
Plants 1985-2004
Illumine / Towards a Solar Eclipse 1992-1998
Thoughts of a Night Sea


Exposures / From the Red Pool
Year One
Year Two

This seminal body of work launched the career of Garry Fabian Miller when he was just eighteen years of age. Studies from Sections of England: The Sea Horizon were selected by John Szarkowski, eminent Curator of Photographs at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the painter R.B. Kitaj to be shown at the Serpentine Gallery, London in the late 1970s. Following this remarkable entry into the international art scene, Fabian Miller would come to establish himself as a pioneer of contemporary colour photography.

For over thirty years Fabian Miller has challenged perceptions of contemporary photography within fine art, advancing to become one of its most progressive figures. Sections of England: The Sea Horizon is a rare example of the artist’s earliest work with a camera, for he came to abandon the camera completely by the mid-1980s. A meditation upon the sweeping moods, colours and patterns of the sea, this series is an influential investigation of the use of abstraction in colour photography.

Please contact the gallery for details of the final works available from this series.

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