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Mary of Silence , by Garry Fabian Miller

With infinite gentleness, unremarked until visible, being flows into flower. It is this quiet taking of form that Garry Fabian Miller seeks to reveal in his pictures printed directly from flowers. He gives us the memory of a preceding state. An individual petal becomes the visible trace of the invisible, revealing itself while still concealing that slow and patient unfolding, that unending ascension from blind root to flower.

Garry Fabian Miller has long explored the value and significance of time, light and purpose. This new body of work issues from an assured standpoint, looking back as well as forward. Completing a cycle begun over twenty years ago, his fascination with the environment directlyaround him and the natural world endures.

During his thirty-year career, Garry Fabian Miller has moved fluently between directly figurative and representational forms, and extremeabstraction. This new body of work encompasses both, encapsulating the knowledge and practice of each day and year that preceded; showing a beautiful constellation of purpose, lyricism and grace.

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