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We have a small selection of these photographs in stock at the gallery, please contact us for current availability. Orders can be placed for all images appearing here on the site or published in books.

To find out more about this artist or arrange to view the works in person please contact katestevens@hackelbury.co.uk

Click on each thumbnail below to view larger size, and to obtain individual print sizes and price information.

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Church Gate Station, India, 1995

Three Communion Girls, Brazil, 1981

Serra Pelada (man against pole), Brazil, 1986

Rasuna Complex construction, Indonesia, 1996
Chimborazo, Ecuador, 1998
Refugees, Korem Camp, Ethiopia, 1984
Serra Pelada (figure eight), Brazil, 1986
Mosque of Istiqlal, Indonesia, 1996
Serra Pelada (backs, workers), Brazil, 1986
Ship-breaking, Bangladesh, 1989
Oil Field, Kuwait, 1991
Beach of Vung Tau, Vietnam, 1995
Scouting for airplanes, Ethiopia, 1985
Tigray, Ethiopia (sunlit group), 1985
Kuwait, 1991
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, 1995
Peasant Celebration, Brazil, 1996
Foundation for Child Welfare, Brazil, 1996
Bati, Ethiopia, 1984
Mexican migrants, 1998
Metangula, Mozambique, 1994
Bombay, India, 1995
Brighton Beach, New York, 1994
Rwandan refugee camp, Tanzania, 1994
Oaxaca, 1980
Maronal, Amazonas, Brazil, 1998
Imbabura province, Ecuador, 1998


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All prices are subject to change without notice and availability is subject to prior sale.
Please call or email the gallery for current pricing & availability. Thank you!

© 2005 Hackelbury Fine Art, Ltd. Copyright for all images is held by the respective artist or estate and they may not be reproduced in any form without express premission. All rights reserved.