A first glimpse of the scope of work to be revealed by the Saul Leiter Foundation, recently established in the artist's New York studio following his death in 2013, at the age of 89. Bringing the many and varied treasures that he left behind to a wider public, the Foundation is already working on several museum exhibits and publications, as the full extent of his incredible archive comes to light.

The London gallery exhibition at HackelBury Fine Art will comprise mostly painted works on paper, including painted photographs, notebook covers and boards torn from sketchpads and watercolour blocks. All very small in scale, the tiniest fragments are raw edged female portraits, a particularly intimate and personal glimpse into the interior world within his studio apartment. Some may be familiar with the vision of beauty and poetry he found on the busy and gritty streets of New York in the 1950’s, but his earliest project, the watercolour and gouache paintings which he worked on continuously from the 1940’s until his death, is still largely unknown - not least because he wilfully resisted several attempts to exhibit and sell them within his lifetime.

Rather than chasing fame, fortune and artistic recognition, it was enough for him to live a simple life, to ‘keep the lights on’ as he often said. To live life as an artist on his own terms, and for it’s own end – no more, no less. This spirit comes through in everything he created, in particular here the irrepressible nature of his relationship with paint, and his absolute delight in colour. He created many conventionally ‘finished’ works that can be seen in the exhibition, but his enjoyment of painting often spilled over to every surface in his everyday life – letters received and sent, the covers of books and sketchpads, even the flattened insides of grocery boxes; he used everything, and kept everything. There was a democracy in his choice and range of materials which elevated the everyday. His refusal to edit his output in any way also denied any series or piece more value than the others – his archive in that sense becoming a work of art in itself. Many of his works and studies were created incrementally over a period of decades, a few brushstrokes at a time; a lifelong installation piece that deserves to be uncovered and enjoyed at a similar pace.

The scale of the works and the exquisite detail does ask that we step in closer, and doesn’t by any means shout to be heard… just like Saul, if you had the pleasure of meeting him, with an eyebrow raised, a shrug of his shoulders and a quiet chuckle at the absurdity of modern life.

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Nigel Warburton interview with Saul Leiter

Please join us in Miami next week for the 26th Edition of Art Miami.

We will be featuring new or unseen works from Garry Fabian Miller, Saul Leiter, William Klein and Ian McKeever, including a site-specific unique installation by Doug & Mike Starn (seen above).

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It's Open Clear Light, 2014-15 by Garry Fabian Miller (seen above) is featured in Edmund de Waal's "White" Project at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, which runs until 3 January 2016.

This unique project in the RA Library and Print Room is an exploration of the colour white and the impact that white objects have on their surroundings; an interweaving of words and books with sculpture, paintings and photographs. More details can be found here

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In March 2015 HackelBury Fine Art was excited to present for the first time in Hong Kong, the works of five internationally celebrated artists working conceptually with photography and painting. Please use the links below to read more:

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